Most of Indians work for a company for many years sacrificing health, sleep, family time and best years of life still don’t even get appreciated or provided some basic benefits.

Instead of that, LIC gives you a golden opportunity to become an LIC agent, Let you decide your own income at your own timing giving you more than you expect and possibility towards your business success and bright future.

Some Facts about LIC
  • Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) was formed on 1st Sept 1956 after the Parliament of India passed the LIC Act in June 1956.
  • The Main Objective of LIC India is to spread life insurance more widely to each and every corner of India and to provide them financial cover at reasonable cost.
  • LIC of India is one of oldest and largest insurance company situated in India who has earned people’s trust in last 60 years.
  • The family of more than a 1.20 lac LIC agents.
  • More than 30-Crore Policies which is even larger than a population of some Countries.
Benefits of Becoming an LIC Agent...
  1. Considered as one of the highest paying profession in Our Country. Even Some of top LIC Agents earn up to INR 3 Crore to INR 4 Crore.
  2. Gives you the royalty free income.
  3. Freedom to pick your own working hours.
  4. Opportunity to earn more as you can.
  5. You can start your own business with Low Investment.
  6. Guaranteed, Secure and Reliable income source.
  7. You can earn more commission by driving more sales.
  8. No retirement in this job, you are entitled to lifelong income in the form of commissions.
  9. By Unlimited income, all your dreams can come true.
  10. Your work gets easier as your business grows.
  11. In case of agent’s death, the commission will continue to be payable to his or her nominee.
  12. Increasing income with time.
  13. Different Club Membership upon the agents to increase their status and benefits in the society and in the Corporation.
  14. Helps you to build your personality by various Personality Development Programs.
  15. Gratuity, mediclaim and other Employment benefits
  16. Home loans at subsidies Interest rates
  17. Opportunity to work with big brands

Benefits of Being an LIC Agent is not ended here, don’t think more when there is a golden opportunity at your doorstep.

We will help you to become an independent LIC insurance agent. With our LIC agent training program, you can start earning in millions in a couple of years. Our aim is your success in LIC Business.

So, hurry up and join us today.